2017 :
Directed and animated a corporate and commercial Stop Motion Film for Lancome, Little Boxes Agency, 35"
Directed and animated a web corporate and commercial 2D animated film for Nina Ricci, Al Dente Agency, 1'
2016 :
Directed and animated a web commercial for Ricard, CLTG Agency. 25''
Animated a female character in a corporate film for SEDIF. Karus Films. 6'
Animated a sequence for a french musical. Pixel Carré Agency. 49''
Motion designed a web commercial for Mc Donalds. DDB Agency. 1’15’’. 
2015 :
Motion designed a commercial for ING Direct Banks. DDB Agency. 10’’ et 30’’.
Directed and animated a Stop Motion commercial for Labeyrie, Coeur de Repas. Proximity BBDO Agency. 35’’
Directed and animated a 2D corporate film for Valeo, Automotive technology corporation. 2’
Directed and animated two Stop Motion Instagram films for Freixenet. 15’ twice.
2014 :
Animated a 2D transmedia project for Tetra Pak et l’agence Play Bac. 2’50’’
Directed and animated two Stop Motion films «Coeur de Repas»  and « Flagrants Délices» for Labeyrie .Proximity BBDO Agency. 35’’ et 45’’.
Directed and animated a Stop Motion corporate film for EDF. 2’.
2013 : 
Directed 5 Stop Motion films for the region Île-de-France campaign against food waisting. Ailleurs Exactement Agency and The Ogre Productions. 30’ for the theater version, 1’05’’ for the web version.
Animated a 2D commercial for Krug Champagnes. Al Dente Agency. 2’.
2012 : 
Directed and animated a Stop Motion corporate film for D systems 3D. 3’.
2011 :
Directed and animated 2D corporate film for the Institute for Enneagram Study. 1’30’’
2017 : 
Article about animation techniques in the Revue Des Livres Pour Enfants for the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF)
2016 / 2017 : 
Developing a short film
2015 : 
Music video Pink Fireball. Stop Motion. 3’10’’.
2010 : 
Thesis film at ENSAD, Lifted, drawn animation. 8’15’’
Graduation film at Calarts, Bare. Stop Motion.
Rotoscopy and creating backgrounds on photoshop for « La femme à Cordes » directed by Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka. Nominee at the Clermont-Ferrand festival.
2008 : 
Oil painting animation on «Watching Oana» directed by Sébastien Laudenbach. Nominee for short films at the Annecy Festival. 6’ out of 15’.
 2015 :
SACD Beaumarchais prize for the animated show « Brenda’s Store ».
2012 - 2013 : 
Directed and animated 26 épisodes of web series Baby Food Stories for’s Youtube Channel. 2’ every week.
2012 : 
Co-directed and animated  « Brenda’s store » Pilot, and drawned the graphic bible for the series. Producted by Anoki and Xbo Films. 5’.
2017 :
Stop Motion workshop for Teachers at the Cinémathèque Française, Paris, 1 day
2D animation workshop at the Cinémathèque Française, Paris, 1 day
How to make an animated film for High School Students, Enghien-Les-Bains (95), 7 days
Stop Motion workshop with Sonic Solveig and the FEVIS for their project Human Music, Harnes (62), 5 days
2016 :
Stop Motion workshop at the Cinémathèque Française, Paris, 1 day

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